How to create a memorized card from the learningBOX creation form

Starting with learningBOX 2.6.0 version, a memorization card creation form has been added. This allows you to create memorization cards in your browser.
Also, the design of the creation form has been changed in learningBOX 2.8.2 version and later.

How to Use

From the "My Page" screen, click "Content Management
memory card

Go to contents management -> + button -> memorized card -> create memorized card
Memorization card with creation form

Create a memorization card using the creation form
learningBOX memorization card

If you want to insert an image, click Insert or Edit Image

Click on the camera symbol surrounded by a red frame

Drag and drop the image you want to insert in the red frame

Drop the image and the image file will appear. Double-click the image you want to insert

The source of the image will be filled in automatically, click OK

The image has been inserted.

To add more questions, click the [+] button. Click "Save and publish" in the upper right corner of the page to finish your memorized card.