Update your content to the latest player

This page will show you how to update the version of the content created in learningBOX to the latest player.

How to update your content

Log in to learningBOX and click Content Management.

learningBOX-Content management

Click the Gear button.

learningBOX-Update button


When you click the gear button, you will see three options: "Update Player", "Favorite Settings", and "Set Educational Material Conversion Destination".

learningBOX-Content management


When the screen changes, click Start Conversion. If there are many questions, it may take a few minutes.


Click "Start Conversion" to start the conversion process.

learningBOX-Conversion process


When the conversion process is finished, the message "Updated to the latest player with the updated number of teaching materials" will appear at the top of the screen.

learningBOX-Updating educational materials


How to update or change the version for each content

Click the gear button, and then click "Set the destination for converting teaching materials".

learning box - gear button


The screen switches to the conversion version management, please select the version from here.


When you are done, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to complete the settings.

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Favorite Settings

learningBOX-Favorite settings


Set [Show Favorites] from [Off] to [On], and click the Save button.

learningBOX-Favorite settings


When you set [Show Favorites], a heart icon will be added to the learning screen.

learningBOX - Add a favorite


Click on this icon to add it to your favorites.

learningBOX - Register your favorites


You can check your favorite materials in the list from [Study].

learningBOX-Favorite learning materials


Click on "My favorite teaching materials".


Your favorite teaching materials are displayed in a list.