How to use a bug-eating notebook

Starting from learningBOX 2.6.0, it is now possible to create bug-eating notes. Also, starting from learningBOX 2.7.4, you can check the checkboxes you have memorized to display the attack rate.

With worm-eaten notes, you can easily create memorization questions in text format. You can easily create and edit your own memorization materials by adding worm-eaten lines to what you want to remember.

How to set up a bug-eating notebook

Login to the learningBOX and click on Manage contents.


2. Please go to the control menu in the upper left-hand corner (+ mark), then click on "Worm-eaten Note" ▷Create Worm-eaten Note.
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A creation form will open up and you can fill in the title name and content. Next, select the part you want to hide and click the [Worming] button. When you're done with the creation form, click the Save and Publish button in the upper right corner.

4. Click the [Worm bite] button, and the area you want to hide will be surrounded by a blue frame.

This is what happens when you switch to "Learn" in Content Management. You can show or hide the "Show/Hide" feature by clicking on the "Worm-eaten" area.

By checking off the checkboxes on the words you have learned, the attack rate is displayed and saved in your grade. You can reset the capture rate by clicking on "Re-learn" or by deleting the grade.

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The bug-eating note can also hide images.

Next, drag and drop the image you want to use to set it up.

When you click on the image you set up, you will be taken to the following screen, and then click the OK button at the end. The image will be reflected.

Click on the Buggy button as in the previous step, and finally click on the Publish button.