How to create a certificate from the default template

With the upgrade of learningBOX to Ver2.11, you can now customize the design and layout of your certificate to your liking. From Ver2.11, you can customize your certificate more freely. In addition, once you have created a certificate, you can save it as a template and edit it.

This page explains how to create a certificate from the default template.


Create a certificate from the default template

Log in to the learning box with your administrator account ▶ Go to the sidebar and click on "Manage contents"

LearningBOX content management features

2. Click the operation menu (⊕ button) on the upper left ▶ Certificate ▶ [Certificate Template Management].


The certificate template management screen will open. Click [Create Template].

Choose an original template and make your own certificate!

Since this is a practice session, we will use the first original template to create the certificate.

Please take a look at this video once.

Here is the working procedure.
STEP 1) Click Create Template and select an original template ▶ [Create New].
STEP② The screen will change to Create Certificate Template, and enter the [Template Name].
STEP 3) The certificate can be edited on the editing screen and the preview button can be used to check the finished product.
STEP④ When the item that wants to be edited is clicked on the edit screen, the part is specified.
STEP⑤The size, color, bold text, and line alignment of the text can be easily set.
STEP⑥ When you have finished editing, click the Save button at the bottom right to complete.

Here's how to register your template as a certificate.

The created certificate is registered from the content management.
STEP⑦ Click the ⊕ button ▶ Certificate ▶ [Create certificate].
STEP⑧ The screen switches to the certificate creation form ▶ Enter the title.
STEP⑨Select [Practice] from the pull-down menu next to the certificate template.
STEP⑩ Check the contents of the certificate, and if there are no problems, click [Save and Publish] in the upper right corner. The certificate will now be registered.

Check your certificate on the learner's screen!

The certificate created by the administrator will be displayed to the learner like this. Since this is a practice, let's log in as "Tatsuno Sample" and see the certificate.

▼ Watch this video.

The contents will be reflected according to the learner's account registration information. The issuing organization, issuer name, and message will be the same as those created in the template, and Tatsuno Taro ▶ [Tatsuno Sample Tono] and the date of issue will be the date the learner obtained or viewed the certificate. will be entered automatically.

About editing the template

Log in to learningBOX with an administrator account ▶ Go to [Content Management] in the sidebar.

learningbox-editing your certificate

Here is the working procedure.
STEP① Click the ⊕ button on the content management screen. Go to Certification ▶【Certificate Template Management】.
STEP②The template management screen opens.
STEP③ Click the gear button to edit the template you have created.
STEP④ Click the Save button to finish editing.