About Certificate Template Management

This function allows you to create, edit, and manage templates for certificates.

This page describes the certificate template management. For related functions, please see below.
About the Certification Form
How to create a certificate from the default template
How to use the certificate
About the list of certificates

About the Certificate Template Management screen

Certificate Templates

How to operate the template

▼ Drag and drop various items from the items in the "Basic" tab to install and edit them.

Certificate Template Management

After installing ▼, you can also set the font color and size.

Editing your certificate

You can set the typeface and background in the Settings tab.
learningbox-editing your certificate

Click the Preview button to see the result.

Certificate template management (4)

Basic Creation Method

We have a default template for you. You can edit it and use it. For more informationThis usage pagefor more information. You can use your own original background to make your certificate even more original.


Once you have created a template, you can use that template to create and install your certificate. For more information.This usage pagefor more information.