+About the + button menu

If you want to create learning materials in learningBOX, you can do so from the + button menu in the contents management screen.

+How to use the + button

learningBOX-Content management

+When you click the + button, the contents that can be set in learningBOX will be displayed like this.

E-learning system - easy

Some materials have been renamed due to the upgrade of the learningBOX. Please check the following.

2.5.9 2.11.20
problem quiz and test
vocabulary card memory card
report Report
Download Materials attachment (e.g. to a file)
HTML teaching materials Web page
SCORM Other teaching materials
iSpring Other teaching materials
YouTube Other teaching materials

SCORM, iSpring, and YouTube are grouped together in the other materials.

How to update your course materials

+A gear button has been added to the right side of the + button. When you click this button, the menu as shown in the following image will be displayed.

learningBOX-Contents management-Gear button

Clicking Update Player will update to the version that is set to convert the material.

Content Management - Version Update

If there are a lot of problems, it will take some time. Please wait until the update is complete without closing the page in the middle. In some cases, the problem data may be damaged. This is very dangerous, so please be careful.

If you click on the "Convert to" button, you will be taken to a screen where you can set the conversion version of the material.
learningBOX-Content management-Updating teaching materials

If you are not particular about the version, we recommend that you do not change it from the default setting.