About the function to set the display of meta-information for teaching materials

What is the meta-information display setting function for teaching materials?

This feature allows you to see at a glance the versions of the materials you have created in learningBOX. By using the meta information display settings, you can quickly see which version of each material is currently available and who updated it and when.

check procedure

From My Page, click Content Management.
Meta-information information of teaching materials

Click Edit for the material you want to review.

Hover the mouse cursor over [Information] to display the meta information.

If the version of learningBOX you are using is older, you may see a re-conversion

If a reconversion is displayed
The default version of learningBOX is the stable version, so if you haven't changed the version, when the stable version is replaced by a newer version, you will see the re-conversion.
If the reconversion does not appear
If you have selected a version other than the stable version or the latest version in the past, even if it is an older version will not be displayed for reconversion. If you select the stable version, you will automatically select the new version every time a new version is released, and you can save the time and effort to manually select a new version, so we recommend the stable version if you are not particular.

How to make a stable version from an older version

Click Update Teaching Materials from Content Management, then go to Conversion Version Management. Fix the old version of the quiz to the stable version

Choose Conversion Version Control -> Stable Version and click Save

Check the meta-information

Select Content Management -> Update Player

Start conversion

From the old version, we have a new version!

Points to note

Materials created after the new version will be created with the new version, but existing materials will not be renewed without modification. Therefore, to adapt existing materials to the new version, you will need to re-convert them using "Update Player".
Updating the player directly under the document will update all existing materials to the selected version. If you want to convert only some of the materials, select the folder containing the materials you want to convert and update the player. Re-conversion is possible for each folder. It is not possible to adapt just a single teaching material without a folder, so if necessary, please store it in a folder and then reconvert it.


After the version change of learningBOX 2.8, you can see at a glance the version of the materials you have created in the LMS. If you are using an older version, you will be prompted to re-convert.Displaying Meta descriptionallows you to quickly see which version of each material is currently available and who updated it and when.