Web page creation form

Web page creation form

Using this function, you can easily create a web page(s). You can edit not only simple sentences like Notepad, but also font size and text color.

How to create a web page

1. Login to learningBOX and click Manage contents on the side menu bar.

learningBOX content features

2. Click the web page from the operation menu (+ mark) on the upper left.

3. The web page creation form is displayed. Please fill in the title and create a WEB page freely. You can also insert an image. You can add a WEB page by clicking "Add page" in the green frame. You can add up to 20 pages.

learningBOX-Web page

4. When you have finished editing the web page, click [Save and Publish] in the upper right corner to complete.

learningBOX-WEB Page 3

5. The created web page will be displayed like this.