Importing SCORM contents

Uploading SCORM materials

You can upload materials that you have used in other companies' LMSs or contents that you have created yourself. Two of our engineers have created SCORM materials in the past and introduced them in a blog post.

▼ Click here for an article on SCORM materials.
-How to create and add SCORM materials using TensorFlow.js
-Rewrite your own program to SCORM material and use it in the learning box.

Uploading SCORM materials

1. Login to learningBOX and click Manage contents on the side menu bar.

learningBOX content features

2. Click on the control menu (+ sign) in the top left corner and select Other Educational Materials ▷ SCORM Educational Materials.

LearningBOX-SCORM materials

3. Enter a title name and click Select File. Select the SCORM teaching material you have created, and finally click the Save button to complete.

SCORM materials-_Online Learning

4. The created SCORM material will be displayed like this on the learning screen.

Scome teaching materials-learningBOX