About the title bar insertion function

You can use the Insert Title Bar feature to set up section headings between contents.
With this function, you can easily create columns.
You can also configure the settings using both the title bar and the constraint bar.

How to set the title bar

1. Login to learningBOX.
Click [Add learning control] > [Title] from the operation menu (+ sign) in the upper left corner of the content management screen.

learningBOX-Title bar settings


2. enter a title, and drag and drop it to the place where you want to place it.

learningBOX-Title bar settings


When the title bar is set, it will be displayed as follows

Since this is an exercise, I've set up three title bars.



If you look at [Learn], you will see this.

learningBOX-Title bar


When both title bar and constraint bar are set, it is displayed like this.

learningBOX-Title bar


Learning (both title bar and constraint bar are set)


(Remarks) Installation is not possible in the following cases

Notes on the title bar setting

Cannot be set if the title bar is at the bottom

Cannot be set if there is a constraint bar just below the title bar

Cannot be set if the title of the title bar is not entered