Posting YouTube videos

Post your YouTube videos on learningBOX

In addition to videos created and prepared by the customer, learningBOX also allows you to upload videos posted on YouTube. Since this is a practice, I'd like to set up this YouTube video.

How to set up a YouTube video

1. Login to learningBOX and click Manage contents on the side menu bar.

learningBOX content features

2. Click on the control menu (+ sign) in the top left corner and go to Other Educational Materials ▷ YouTube Videos.

learningBOX-YouTube video

3. Enter the embed code of the YouTube video you want to post in the field below.

YouTube video-learningBOX

Since this is a practice session, we will set up a YouTube-based video of Tatsuno Information System in the learningBOX. Select the video you want to set and click the share button on the bottom right.

Online Learning - Setting Up YouTube Video Materials

5. Click embed and you will see the code. Copy the contents here.

Online Learning - Setting up a YouTube Video

Set the embed code you copied to learningBOX.

learningBOX - How to set up a YouTube video

The YouTube video you have set up will appear like this in the learning screen.

learningBOX - How to set up a YouTube video