Course Functions

Starting from ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, a new course function has been added.
This page will introduce you to the use of the new course features.

How to use the course function

Log in as the learningBOX owner account, a user with content management rights.
Click Content Management.

LearningBOX-course functions


From Content Management, click the Plus button.

learningBOX-Content management


Select [Course].

LearningBOX - Course settings


Enter a course name and click [Save].

Course setting-learningBOX


Click the [Save] button to add a new course.

learningBOX-Make a course


Click on the icon and set the "Description, Thumbnail Image, and Teaching Material Assignment" according to the usage scene.
When you are done, click the Save button.

learningBOX-Content management-Course settings


Click on the sample course to add content to the course.

Course functions-learningBOX


Since learningBOX is an LMS that implements "TinyMCE", even people who are not good at computer operations can easily create and edit contents on the screen.

Course Functions - e-Learning System


If you look at the learning screen

The content you have created will be displayed as shown below.



Click on the course to view the content you have set.

What's new in learningBOX - course features - description


Features of the learningBOX course functions

For content set in the course function, click [Continue Learning] to display the next content to learn on the player screen.

How to use the course functions-learningBOX


When you "proceed with learning" the content set in the course function, the next content to learn will be displayed on the player screen according to the status information of the content.



In this case, since you have passed the quiz, click on [Proceed with study] next, and the memorization card will appear.

Memorization card-learningBOX


Click [View Results] to see the results in the course.

Course Functions - Grade Management


Click [View Grades] to view the personal chart page for grade management.

learningBOX-grade management


Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

learningBOX-grade management


Criteria for judging course function

When you use the Course feature to progress through the studies in a course, there is a priority order.
Please refer to this page for the criteria.
[Learning]>[Unlearned or Unsubmitted]>[Failed]>[Resubmitted].

Content Name Click here for judging criteria
quiz passing (e.g. exam)
PDF Study Complete
Memorization card Study Complete
YouTube Video Study Complete
Certificate passing (e.g. exam)
report passing (e.g. exam)
video Study Complete
SCORM Materials Passing/Study Complete
Questionniare Answer is complete.
Attached File Study Complete
Typing passing (e.g. exam)
iSpring Passing/Study Complete
Web page Study Complete
worm-eating problem Study Complete
iframe Study Complete
programming passing (e.g. exam)