Course batch conversion function

The learningBOX learning screen will undergo major changes starting with the next major version upgrade (ver. 2.18). A new learning function, "Course Function," will become standard, replacing the previous "Learn" function.

Update History

Since Ver. 2.17 or later, You can change the look of "Learn content" page.How to Use

Course batch conversion

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher/User with the authority to manage teaching materials for all teaching materials

01The [Batch Convert to Course] banner in the lower left corner of the Manage contents page.

Click here to display the "Batch Convert to Course" button.

02Click on the button to batch convert to courses




*The following courses are not transferable.
 Shortcut Course
 Courses included in the product


*The following folders cannot be moved.
 Shortcut Folder
 Folders included in the product

Changes to the Study Screen after Batch Course Conversion

01Edit Course Menu


 Change to a folder



Select a course

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01A banner appears in the lower left corner of the "Learn" screen, which takes you to the "Choose a course" screen.

02Moves to the "Select Course" screen, where a list of courses you have created is displayed.

Click here to go to the "Select Course" screen.
Courses can be narrowed down and displayed by pre-defined categories and keywords.


Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01A banner about the dashboard function appears in the lower left corner of My Page.

02Displays a modal to review/edit the dashboard

Clicking on the banner will display the following modal

03Set the dashboard as "the page to be displayed immediately after login

Instead of My Page, the Dashboard can be set as "the page to be displayed immediately after login".
Click [System Settings] > [Page Settings Immediately After Login] in the side menu on the left side.
Select "Dashboard" under "Pages to display immediately after login" in the "Common Settings" tab.

Display conditions for each banner

01Conditions under which each banner is displayed

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