Course List Screen Display Settings

You can freely set the course list screen to 【List Display】 or 【Panel Display】.
This page introduces the display settings for the course list screen.
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How to use the course list screen display settings

Login to the learningBOX.
Click [Select Course] from the side menu.

Course List - List View


The course list screen is displayed.

LearningBOX - Display course list screen


You can switch between the [Panel] and [List] views of the course list screen here.

learningbox-panel display


When it is set to list view, it is displayed as follows.

learningbox-list view


The contents in the course can also be narrowed down by [Category] and [Keyword].

About the learningbox-course list display


Type in a keyword and click on the magnifying glass icon.

List of courses on how to use learningbox-2.15 series


If you are unable to find any results when narrowing down your course search by category or keyword, the following will be displayed.

Course list-learningbox