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The site customizer is aDesign CustomizationThis function is available to customers who have applied for the above plans.
This page will show you how to use the Site Customizer.
If you would like to use our site customizer, please contact us using this contact form before you sign up.
Contact Form
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Note 1: For customers who have already applied for design customization, please contact us separately by e-mail or phone.
Note 2: Any changes or edits to the design are to be carried out by the customer.
We are sorry, but we cannot respond to any problems caused by changing the design.

site customizer

Site Customizer Basic Settings

After contacting us through the contact form, [Site Customizer] will be added to the side menu bar.

Configuring the Site Customizer


Click Basic Settings.

Site Customizer 1


From the basic information, you can configure the [URL and site name], [manifest.json settings], and [logo image and other settings].
Acceptable image files (jpg, jpeg, png)

Site Customizer 2


When you are done, click the Save button.

Site Customizer 3


Login form settings

From this screen, you can configure the following settings: [Use login form], [Use SAML], [Use LDAP], and [Use unique SSOkey].
Set the toggle switch to [On/Off] according to the scene of use.

Site Customizer 4


Request to change FROM email

This feature allows you to change the From email address for each subdomain.

Site Customizer 5