How to set up the side menu

This page explains how to use the Site Customizer [How to set up the side menu].
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How to set up the side menu

Click [Site Customizer] > [Side Menu].

How to set up the side menu-1


The edit screen is displayed.

How to set up the side menu-2


To add a side menu, click the [Create New] button.

How to set up the side menu-3


Add a menu.

Design Customization - Side Menu Bar


When the settings are complete, click [Add].

learningbox - how to set up the site customizer


[This is practice] will be added.

Site Customizer Side Menu


Items added to the side menu can be moved by drag and drop.

earningbox-Site Customizer-Side Menu


The side menu you added can be easily edited from the gear button.

learningbox-editing the side menu bar


When you have finished editing, click [Make changes].

Reconfiguring the Site Customizer Side Menu


The menu name and the color of the button will be changed.

How to set up the side menu-4