How to change the design

You can freely change the design of the look and feel of the LMS.
This page will show you how to change the design using the Site Customizer feature.
The site customizer feature is available in Design customizationThis feature is available to customers who have subscribed to the above plans.

If you would like to use our site customizer, please contact us using this contact form before you sign up.
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Available forlearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher Design customizationthe end

How to change the design

Login to learningBOX and click [Site Customizer] > [Design].

Site Customizer [Change the design].


The edit screen is displayed.

Site Customizer [Change Design] 1


Click the [Create New] button.

Site Customizer [Change Design] 2


Change the design of learningBOX from the template edit screen.
Setting 1. Enter a file name.
Next, use [Get Image URL], [Get File URL], and [HTML Template] to set the text, links, and images that will be displayed on the LMS.

Design customization [Change of design] 4


You can check the design from [Preview].

Design customization [Change design] 5


Setting 2. You can set the OGP display from [META tag].
Turn on the toggle switch.
If you want to use the default settings, click here [Load default META settings].

Design Customization [Change Design] 6


From [Custom Header], you can freely specify the color of the side menu button and the page transition using [CSS] and [JavaScript].

Design customization [Change of design] 7


You can change the language in the system from [System Language Setting] in Setting 4.
The language setting can be set from Japanese/English.

Design customization [Change of design] 8