Dashboard function

Starting with version 2.14 of learningBOX, you can set up a new dashboard feature.
The dashboard function can display the teaching materials created by the curriculum and course functions according to the rules decided by the administrator.
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How to use the dashboard function

Use the curriculum feature to create content.

Curriculum Setting Procedure 11

For more information on how to create content using the curriculum feature, please see this article.
How to use the curriculum function

When you have finished setting up your content, click [Curriculum List] on the cyber menu bar.

Curriculum List-learningBOX


Click View Details.

learningBOX-Curriculum List-Dashboard Features


Click Select.

Curriculum List - How to use the learningBOX


Curriculum will be selected.

learningBOX-Curriculum Selection


Click [Dashboard] on the side menu bar.



The teaching materials you have just set will be displayed.

Dashboard function-learningBOX