Notes on test use

When the test is conducted in learningBOX, there is a possibility that users may have trouble taking the course.
This article explains what to check before testing and what to do in case of trouble.

Details to be confirmed in advance

Before conducting the test, here are four items that you should first check.

01Check recommended environment

For more information about the recommended environment we set when using learningBOX, please refer to the followingRecommended Environment.
It also has the ability to alert you when you log in using an environment other than the recommended one.

02Confirmation of communication environment

There is a function that allows you to measure the communication speed of your Internet connection and to check whether voice data can be played back properly.
*For more information, refer toFunctional Test Settings.

03Simultaneous simultaneous access

The allowable range is defined when users access the site at the same time for test use, etc.
*For more information, refer toAbout the number of simultaneous accesses.".

04Major Version Upgrade of Shared Server

If you sign up for a shared server, there will be version upgrades to add new features and modify existing features.
This is scheduled four times a year (about once every three months) on a schedule determined by our company, and the day of the week is fixed to Wednesday.
Details of the schedule will be announced 10 days to 2 weeks prior to implementation.
On upgrade/server maintenance days, your service will be suspended while we perform the work.

What to do in case of trouble

We will explain each of the three patterns.

1. cannot log in

The action to be taken depends on the nature of the error displayed on the login screen.

(1) When the login ID or password does not match

If you cannot log in due to a mismatch in your login ID or password, the error message in the image below will be displayed.
Please confirm the following information.
Is your login ID or password correct in the first place?
When you copy the invitation email, make sure that it does not contain any blank spaces.
If you are unable to log in, please change your password or contact the administrator. Resend e-mail invitationPlease do so.

(2) If you cannot log in due to simultaneous login restrictions

If you cannot log in due to the "simultaneous login limit function" that limits the number of simultaneous logins, the error message in the image below will be displayed.
*For more information, refer to Concurrent Login Settings.

(iii) In other cases

Contact Form."Please contact us through

2. communication was lost

First, in the test options settings, set the"Suspend and resume be valid.
This allows you to interrupt the test and start again from there.

warning sign


If you wish to use the "Suspend and Resume" function, please close the system by clicking the "x" button or the "Suspend" button on the study screen in the system.
 Do not perform any other operation (e.g., close from the "x" button on the browser).

3. results are not displayed

If communication is interrupted during the answer process due to network problems, the results will not be reflected in the learningBOX and will remain in the browser.
In this case, by accessing the learningBOX again with the same device and the same browser, the results saved on the browser in the process of being answered will be sent to the learningBOX.
*Your results will not be displayed if you use a smartphone instead of a PC or access the site with a different browser.

Points to note when using the course frequency limit

Can set the number of times a test can be taken.Limit on the number of times you can take a course."Please note that even if you are using the
As a rule, the number of times a course is limited is counted as one access from one browser.
This prevents access from multiple terminals while taking a test.
*For example, if you set the limit to one lesson, you can only access one browser at a time.