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Note that design customization is an additional option for paid plan subscriptions.
Before placing an order, please read the following information, which outlines the precautions and flow from application to the start of use.About the use of design customization. before ordering the option.

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The order screen in the learningBOX can only be applied for shared servers.
For dedicated servers, we can only issue a quotation.
For more information about using a dedicated server, please contact us from the following link.
⇒For inquiries, please contact click here


Order Design customization


01Click on "Upgrade"

Click on the "Upgrade" button at the top of the screen.


02Select a Plan

Please select the number of guests and the plan respectively.
*For more information about the number of accounts and plans, please contact us. Upgrade.


03Design Customization Selection

Select "Design Customization" under "Try Various Options."


04Selecting a Shared Server/Subdomain


05Order Summary

Please select the "Start Date of Use" in the Order Summary field.
Next, check the license, contract period, and total amount.
*Design customization is available only for annual contracts.
Please read through the confirmation and tick the "I agree to the Terms of Use" box.
When you have completed the form, click on "Request Design Customization.

06Enter site information

Enter site information and go on to "Proceed to checkout."
When you have completed the form, click "Proceed to Payment".

What is Subdomain name/Site name?

The subdomain name is part of the site URL. Please enter the part before "".
The site name will appear in tabs when accessing the site and in search engines.


07Order Confirmation

Please check "Current Order Details" and "New (Additional Order Details)" and select a payment method.
The procedure completion screen will be displayed.


08After completion of the procedure

If you request a design from us, you will need to submit a design request form and coordinate with our staff.
After your application is confirmed, our representative will contact you shortly.


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