Shortcut functions for courses/folders

By using the course/folder shortcut feature, you can create courses/folders where the structure of the material cannot be edited.

You can use this function to

Members with content management rights
(1) I don't want people to edit the inside of the course/folder, only the publication period and IP restrictions.
I want to divide the course/folder into two groups: those who are in charge of editing the course materials and structure, and those who are in charge of assigning the course/folder and setting the publication period.

(When viewing results)
I want to link a shortcut course/folder with the grades learned for its source material.
It is possible to operate as follows.

Update History

2021.12.15 /Course/Folder Shortcuts [Formerly: Link Folders] has been functionally improved.How to Use

Shortcut functions for courses/folders

Available forlearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

01Create it in the Documents folder.

Log in to learningBOX and click Content Management.

02Click on the gear button

Select Create shortcut for course/folder.
The shortcut will be created by linking to the original folder.

03Create a shortcut

Select either [Documents folder] or [Create immediately after this folder].
Since this is a practice, we will use the [Documents Folder] as an example.
The period of time and IP address restrictions for lower level folders and materials refer to the settings of the link source.

04Click the Create button

A folder will be added directly under the document.

05Set the teaching material allocation

Since this is a practice session, check all members and save.

Display on the learner screen

01My Page>>Learn

The contents created by the shortcut will be displayed.

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