Folder shortcut function

From learningBOX Ver 2.14 or later, you can set up a new folder shortcut function.
This page introduces how to use the newly added new features.

How to use the folder shortcut function

Log in to learningBOX and click on the Content Management screen.



Since this is a practice, I'll use the "initial materials" as an example.

learningBOX-Contents management-Linked folders


Click the gear button next to the folder and go to [Link Folder] >> [Create Link Folder].

How to use learningBOX - Contents management - Link folder


Select either [Create in the document folder / Create immediately after this folder] for the location of the link folder, and click the Create button.

location of learningBOX-link folder


Click [Create in Document Folder] to add a link folder directly under the document.

How to use learningBOX - Link folder settings


How to check your links

Please click the gear button next to the folder and go to [Link Folder] >> [List of Links].

learningBOX-Link folder-Check your links


You can check the list of link folders from here.

LearningBOX link folder list


When the folder added by the link folder is edited, the display is different from the menu at the time of usual folder editing.
Please note.

How to use learningBOX - Content management - How to set up link folders


Confirm the settings of the link folder with [Learn

The folder added by the link folder becomes a little darker in color and is displayed.

learningBOX-Content management-Linked folder settings


By setting up a link folder, you can easily do a shortcut of the folder.

Setting up the learningBOX link folder