Sign up for a paid plan (continued)

We would like to inform you about the continuation of the service while you are using a paid plan.

Continuing to use a paid plan

Before the end of the paid plan, a notice of the end of the paid plan will be displayed on the administrator's My Page.
(For annual contracts: 1 month in advance, for monthly contracts: 1 week in advance)
If you wish to continue your subscription, please click on the "Upgrade" button or the "Subscribe" button in My Page (also available from the "Settings" screen) to proceed to the order page.


About ordering from the web

The basic operation isSign up for a paid plan (new)It will be the same as
In the case of continuation, the current contract details are displayed. The start date of use is set to the date after the next day of the contract end date. Please confirm the number of people and the plan, etc., and then complete the order procedure. (*There is an exception about the start date. The details are described in the latter half of this page)

If you want to add an option or change your contract, and you cannot select it on the web, please contact us by phone or inquiry form.

From Ver2.12, you can renew your contract from the web even if you have contracted the option.

Up to Ver2.11, when options (e.g. hosting and design customization) were included, you could not renew your contract from the web, but from Ver2.12, you can renew your contract from the web even if you have contracted options.

Please note that if you have a quiz generator license.
Quiz generator license and learningBOX paid plans (Starter, Standard and EC licenses)If the purchase timing is different, the contract period will be different for each. If you want to update both of them on this order screen, clickPlease note that the term of your quiz license will be overwritten by the term of your learningBOX update!.

How to order a contract renewal

The plan you are currently subscribed to has been selected. If you need to change it, please do so before placing an order. (Depending on the combination and conditions of your current contract, you may not be able to select the order you wish to change. In that case, please contact us atContact UsPlease do not hesitate to contact us.

Continuous updating of LMS

Continuous updating of LMS

If the contract period ends without a continuation application

Users can no longer log in, only the administrator (owner) can log in. Also, users can't log in, but their accounts still exist. The administrator must do one of the following two things to allow the user to log in.

1. Apply for continuation and continue the paid plan again.
2. Return to the Free Plan by deleting users and reducing the number of users to 10 or less.
(In the case of ※2., the deleted user will also have their grades deleted. Please note)