Manage notifications

Admins can specify only a specific group to display the notification, and to notify the specified group by e-mail.


How to Use

1. Click "Management" in the sidebar.
LMS Management Functions

2. Click "Manage notifications".

LMS Management Functions

3. Click "Create" in the upper right corner.

4. Create/edit modal will open.

Notifications will be displayed on the "My Page" by default. If you don't want to, unclick the "Enable".
By checking the "Send email notification" checkbox, you can send an email to the group you have set to be notified.
You can add a link to the notice by entering the URL in the "Link URL" field.
You can reserve the time to display the notification by entering the "Notification Start Date".

You can narrow down the target of notification to "All members" or "Select as groups".
The content of the notification can be changed according to the group.

5. Enter the "Content" and click "Save" to complete.

It will be added to the list and displayed in My Page.


In addition, from learningBOX version 2.12, the display of the notification management has been redesigned.

(1) It is now possible to check the recipients of notifications to designated groups on the list screen.

(2) You can now check who has registered for notifications in the list screen.