Inserting web-links to notification bar/email

From ver 2.13 or later of learningBOX, you can register multiple links in the notification and fix the notification from the administrator to the top of the page.
In this page, we will introduce how to use the newly added notification management function.
Notifications in learningBOX-Notification management

Setting a Link in Notification

Log in with your learningBOX owner account, or a member who has permission to manage announcements, and click [Manage Functions] in the sidebar menu.

LearningBOX - Notification management function


Click Manage Notices.

LearningBOX - Notification management function


Please click [New Registration] in the upper right corner of the notice management screen.

Notification function for learningBOX


From the registration/edit screen, set the start date and content of the notification, and check the checkbox.

LearningBOX - Notification settings

If you check the Enable checkbox The content of the notice will be displayed in the notice on My Page.
If you check the Show Notification Bar checkbox While you are logged in to the learningBOX, the notification will be displayed in green at the top of the screen.
If you check the "Notify me by email" checkbox The contents of the notice will be sent by e-mail.


Scroll down and set the [Display Text] and [URL] of the link and the notification destination, and finally click the Save button.
You can set multiple links by clicking the plus button.

LearningBOX-Notification management notification settings


I checked the Show Notification Bar checkbox and saved it, so the notification content and the specified URL link will be displayed at the top.

LearningBOX - Notification management functions


All members have been checked and saved, so the notification will be emailed to all members.

E-Learning - Notification


When you log in as a member, the content of the notice and the specified URL link will be displayed in two places: the top of the My Page screen and the Notice.

Learning Box - Notification


If you set multiple links

Notification notifications are displayed in the order of the most recent update.