Mail template function

Using the email template function, you can automatically send an email to the email address you set when you "register as a member, complete grading reports, or complete learning. You can freely edit and set the contents of the email to be sent, and you can also set not to send an invitation email.
Expanded functionality of email template function

If you are using learningBOX from version 2.12 or earlier, please read here.

With the Ver 2.13 version upgrade of learningBOX, the email template feature has been modified to make it easier to use. Regardless of whether you are using the email template function or not, we hope you will read this.

Advance notice for the functional modification of "Mail Template" from Ver2.13.

This page explains how to use the mail template function in Ver2.13 or later.

How to use the email template function

Log in with the learningBOX owner account or a member who has permission to edit email templates.
Next, click [Administrative Functions] in the sidebar menu.

learningBOX-email templates


Click [Mail Settings] on the new window.

learningBOX-email templates


From the [Mail Settings] window, click the Hanger menu in the Template Editor.
Since this is a practice, I'll use [Invitation Mail Notification] as an example.

learningBOX-email templates


There are three email templates to choose from, so you can select the template that best suits your needs.

learningBOX-email templates


Editing the contents of an email

To change an email in the template, click on the pencil icon to edit the content.

learningBOX - How to use the email templates


The screen will change and you can edit it from this page.
The user name and other information displayed at this time is automatically displayed as "the information of the first user added" for testing purposes.

learningBOX-Edit mail


In the red box, you can edit the email, and in the blue box, you can see a preview of the actual email that will be sent. The pull-down and add buttons in yellow allow you to add any information you want to use in the invitation email.

In the green frame, you can set To, Cc, and Bcc in the invitation email additionally. You can set multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.

learningBOX - Edit email template


Click Send Test to send the email to the administrator. When the settings are complete, click the Save button to finish.

learningBOX - How to set up an email template


Change the invitation email at the time of member registration

By setting up an email template, you can choose the content of the message you want to send to your members from a template.

learningBOX-email templates


The grade management notification email will show the start date and time of the study and the status of the study (grade).

From Ver2.13, the date and time of the start of the study, the status of the study (grade), and the result of the test (pass or fail) are also displayed. (The information displayed depends on the email template.
With the email template function, you can freely edit and set the email content to suit your needs.