Message Box

This function allows you to send messages within the learningBOX system.
Note that the recipients that can be selected when creating a new message differ between the owner administrator and the user.


From 2022.03.09 / Ver. 2.17, the function to assign Message box management role was added.How to Use

Create a new message

Sign in to learningBOX.

01Open message box

From the side menu, click on "Message Boxes.

02Open Create new thread

Click on "Create new thread."

03Create Thread

At "Create new thread," create the following items
When you are finished, click "Create" to complete the process.

▼ Recipient

 Select the recipient of the message.

▼Enable to reply

 Select whether or not to allow replies from users who receive messages.

▼Thread Title

 Enter a title for the thread.

▼Message Content

 Enter the body of the message.

Reply to a message

Sign in with the message recipient's account.

01Check received threads

Open the Message box to see the threads received.

02Open Thread

Click on the received thread to view the detailed contents.

The details of each button are as follows

▼To Thread List

 Return to the thread list screen.

▼ Update

 The screen can be reloaded to check for new messages.

▼ Numbers

 The number to the right of the "Update" button indicates the number of participants in the thread.
 Click to see the list of participants.

▼ Leave

 Exit from thread participation.
 *When you leave, you will not be able to check or reply to the messages you exchanged.

▼ Back

 Returns to the thread list screen in the same way as the "Thread List" button.


On the screen that opens the thread, enter the content in the input field at the bottom and click "Send".
Users participating in a thread can exchange messages by repeating the above operation.

04Threads that do not allow replies

▼ Message sender side screen

 Under "Create New Thread," un-tick "Enable to reply."

▼ Message recipient side screen

 You can check the content of the message, but cannot reply to it.

Differences by Account

Owner account holder and users have different destinations that can be selected when creating a new thread.

01For owner account holder

You can select the destination from the following three options

1. Group: You can specify a group.
2. Member: You can specify a member.
3. learningBOX Development Division: You can send a message to us.

02For users

Messages can only be sent to the administrator.

Message box management role

Starting with Ver. 2.17, users can be assigned a Message box management role.

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

Setting a management role

01Open Manage members

Click on "Manage members"

02Open Management role page

Click on the Message box management role icon to the right of the user to whom you want to assign the role.

03Assigning a role

Select the group you wish to manage and set the permissions to "Edit".
To assign administrative role to multiple groups, click the "+" icon to add them.
Save the settings when complete.
*Batch registration by CSV is also possible.

What you can do with assigning roles

01About New Thread Destination

As with the owner account holder, the following destinations can be selected
The menu name has been changed from "Member" to "User" since Ver. 2.17.

1. Group
2. User
3. Administrator
4. learningBOX Development Division

▼ when group is selected

Only assigned groups/descendant groups can be selected.

▼ when user is selected

Only users in the group/descendant group to which they are assigned can be selected.

▼ when Admin is selected.

You can select an administrator or owner account holder in the hierarchy above the group to which you are assigned.
Multiple destinations cannot be selected.

▼ when learningBOX Development Division is selected

You can send a message to us.

02Check thread content/participant list

If the thread is under the owner you belong to, you can see the thread and the list of participants.
Messages cannot be sent to threads in which you have not *participated*. You can only view them.


Users can be forced to leave a thread from the participant list regardless of their participation or non-participation in the thread.
The operator himself/herself, the owner administrator, and users who have been granted Message box management role for all users cannot be forced to leave the system.

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