Message Box

About the function of the message box

Message Box is a feature that allows you to exchange messages within your organization. Using this function, you can also communicate with the learningBOX development headquarters.

How to use the message box

1. Log in to learningBOX and click on the message box on the side menu bar.

learningBOX-Message box function

The screen changes, so click the New button on the upper right.

Online Learning - Message Function

You can choose from three types of message boxes in learningBOX: Group, Member, and learningBOX Development Headquarters. Since this is a practice, we'll use the group setting.

learningBOX message box function

After you have decided which group you want to send a message to, enter a message title and message contents.
If you check Allow replies, group members can reply to your messages. If you remove this checkbox, group members can only read messages. In this case, we'll allow replies.

learningBOX-Message box function

When you click "Create", the screen changes like this.

learningBOX-Message box function-5
6. Log in as a member of the group and open the message box. This is how it appears to the members of the group.

learningBOX-Message box function

7. You can reply to the message box from here. Enter the reply text and click the Send button, the data content will be reflected to the group members.

learningBOX-Message box function

When you communicate with a group member, the following message will be displayed.

Message Box - Online Learning

9. If you click the "Exit" button in the upper right corner, you will not be able to see or reply to the messages you have been exchanging in the message box. Please pay attention to this when you leave the site.

Online Learning - Message

When a member of the group leaves the group, it will be displayed like this.

Online Learning - Message Box

Notes on the message box

The message box feature of learningBOX allows any member who has an account to use the message box. However, there is a restriction on the "Message Address" for both administrator and member accounts.

learningBOX-Message box function