Editing input fields

Editing input fields

The editing input field is a function that allows you to set "add necessary items or remove unnecessary input items when registering members" when adding members to learningBOX. With the input fields feature, you can freely edit and manage the fields by yourself. This page explains how to use the editing input field.

What is the editing input fields?

By default, you will be prompted to enter eight fields, including the required ones: Login ID, Name, Display Name, Department, Title, E-mail Address, Password, and Status.

▼ Settings screen when registering as a member (default settings)

Editing input fields


Member registration using the editing input fields

▼ Reduce the number of items

Custom Field Function 2


Add a new item.

Editing input fields


How to edit input fields

Sign-in as the learningBOX owner account, a user with Member Management role, and click Manage members.

Editing input fields


Click the Gear button and then click the Input fields Settings.

Custom Field Function 5


The input field settings screen will be displayed. From here, you can freely edit and manage the fields required for member registration.
Please note that you cannot remove your sign-in ID and password from an item.

learningBOX-Custom field function


You can choose whether to use the field or not by toggling the availability switch. The green state is "Use", and the gray state is "Don't use". Click to switch.

learningBOX - How to use the custom fields feature


Click Add to insert a new field at the bottom.

learningBOX-Custom field function


Enter the field key in half-width alphanumeric characters, and then enter the item name. If necessary, enter a supplementary explanation.


Select the input format. You can choose from input, text area, radio, checkbox, or pull-down. In the case of radio, checkbox, and pull-down, you can set the choice of the adjacent item. Each new line is recognized as a choice. In the case of the following image, two choices, "Japan" and "Foreign", will be registered.

learningBOX-Custom field function


If you want to rearrange the input fields, you can do so by dragging and dropping the [hamburger menu] surrounded by a red frame.

learningBOX-Custom fields


If you're happy, click Save and you're all set.

learningBOX-Custom field function


When you register a member after setting up the input fields, the registration items will be added as follows

learningBOX-Custom field function


About the display setting function

You can now set the display settings for the member list to match the input fields. By setting this feature, you can hide information that you have added but do not want to show on the screen.

LearningBOX - Member management


When the Member List Display Settings modal opens, uncheck the items you do not want to display and click Save.
Sin-in ID can not be unchecked.

learningBOX - Member management functions


When I look at the Manage members, it only shows Sign-in ID and Name