Assigning roles

By using the roles assigning function, the basic tasks within the LMS can be divided up so that management roles are not concentrated in the hands of a single administrator.

For example. at aschool
Have a specific teacher manage the members of students in the LMS.
Have a specific teacher manage the members of the teacher in the LMS.
Even if the account owner is not present, the other staff can set up the LMS on behalf of the account owner.

▼ A sample diagram.
Image of permission settings for use in schools

In this page, you can findAssigning roles.

Assigning Administrator roles


About Types of Role Settings

The basic types of role settings are"Group Management", "Content Management", "Score Management", "Content Assignment", "Administrator".
Basic Types of Authority Settings

It is possible to give roles to registered members.

Member management screen

If a member does not have any roles within the learningBOX, it will be displayed like ared frameas above.
If you have any roles within the learningBOX, it will be displayed like ablue frameas above.

▼When a member who does not have any roles logs in, only "Learn" and "Scores" will be displayed.This status is so-called "learner". 
Learner's view of My Page


Group management role

This is the role to add/invite and edit members, and create and edit groups.
LMS Group Management

Group management authority setting screen

▼ When a user is given Member management role, "Manage members" will be displayed on the user's My Page.
My Page as seen by a user with member editing privileges


Content management role

This is a role to edit, add/create and delete all contents or a specific content.
LMS Materials Management

Permission setting screen for managing teaching materials

▼ When a user is given Content management role, "Manage contents" will be displayed on the user's My Page.
My Page as seen by a user who has the authority to manage teaching materials


Score management role

This is a role to view, delete and set email notifications to all groups or a specific group.
LMS Grade Management

Grade Management Permission Settings Screen

▼ When a user is given Score management role, "Manage scores" will be displayed on the user's My Page.
My Page as seen by a user with grade management privileges

Click "Manage scores", the scores of all users invited by the administrator will be displayed by group, individual and question.

(Example) Student B is logged in and click "List" to view the other members' scores.
Grade viewing screen


Content assignment role

This is a role to assign contents to all groups or a specific group.
LMS material allocation

To explain with an example, if a contents sales company has contracts with multiple companies, this company should create a group for each contracted companies and add the each companies employees into each group.
Within the group for each company, there can be multiple groups such as the sales department and the development department. You can assign certain contents to the sales department only or the development department only.

It is a function that the person who has "Content assignment role" can not edit the contents but assign the contents to the group(s) the person is in charge.

In the case of the image below, Ichiro will be able to assign a content titled "Development Procedure" and "Basic Research Material" to "Research Group" and "any group within Research Group".
Teaching Material Allocation Authority Setting Screen

However, if Ichiro didn't have "Group management role", Ichiro will not be able to assign any contents.
Let's try logging in as "Ichiro" and see how it works. The following image shows the "Research Group" in the "Group management role".

Member management screen for users with group management privileges

Only research groups are displayed in the group list. Click the hat icon surrounded by a red frame to display the modal of Content assignment.
Modalities of material allocation

Only "Development Procedures" and "Basic Research Materials" will be displayed. Check the materials you want to assign and click "Save" to complete.


More advanced settings

More detailed assigning roles are below.
It is now possible for each user to edit only in a specific folder, only in a specific group, or to see the scores of members of a specific group.

How to set up

Clicking on Group Management role in Manage members will open a modal where you can set roles in a pull-down format.

With the Group management role, you can invite and edit members only to the group you are assigned.
If you are authorized for only one group, you cannot move members to other groups.

Group management role

The Content management role allows you to edit and create contents only in the folder you are assigned.
Content management role

The Score management role allows you to view only the scores of the contents in the specified folder of the specified group.
Score management role


Assigning Administrator role

Starting with learningBOX 2.7.4, it became possible to assign Administrator role.
This feature allows you to assign roles, edit email templates, etc. which were previously only possible by an owner account holder.

For more information."Assigning Administrator role"for more information.