Assigning Administrator roles

An account owner can assign"Administrator role"to a member.
By setting the "Administrator role", an account owner can share or pass the administrator role with the member assigned.
This feature allows a owner account holder share the tasks within the LMS so that"Administrator role"is not concentrated in the hands of a single administrator.

* There areAssigning roles.We have prepared a separate explanation page for ⇒. Assigning roles

Click on the hammer icon to pop up the Administrator roles setting screen.
LMS Administrator Authority

-Administrate roles :You will be able to assign roles to other members on the Manage members page.
(Please note that you need to be granted "Group Management role" to use this function.
-Manage notifications :You will be able to add, edit, and delete notifications on My Page.
-Edit email templates :You will be able to add, edit, and delete email templates.
-Access to the setting page :You will be able to access the settings page, access log and payment processing.

Administrator authority setting screen

* There areGroup management role", "Content management role", "Score management role", "Content assignment role"and"Administrator role"
⇒ For more information about the roles above, clickhere.