Inviting members

How to add a member or create a group

Here you will learn how to add members and set up groups. learningBOX's member management feature allows you to create multiple groups and distribute different materials to each group you create. Members can also belong to multiple groups.

When you sign-up learningBOX, "Management Group" should be created automatically.
If you are using a shared server, you will not be able to register your login ID, display name and email address if they are already in use. Please click here for more information. ⇒How to avoid duplicate member registration

Adding a member

Step 1: Log in to learningBOX and click Manage Members.

Member management - learning box

Step 2: Click the + button on the Member Management screen.

LearningBOX - Member management

Step 3: Click on "Add a member" and enter the information required to register an account.

E-learning - How to register as a member - learningBOX

Step 4: Go ahead and enter login ID, name, display name, and department in that order.
Items marked with * are required. Items without * are optional, so please enter as you like.

E-learning - add a member - learningBOX

Step 5. Once finished entering the information, activate its status. When you have completed the settings, click the Save to complete the process.
You can change your password even after setting it.

E-learning system - How to register as a member - learningBOX

login ID Please enter at least 5 characters and no more than 30 characters.
Half-width alphanumeric characters (a to z 0 to 9) and special characters are ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; ? [ \ ] ^ _ ` can be used.
identity Please enter up to 50 characters.
display name Please enter at least 3 characters and no more than 50 characters. It will be used for general public questions, etc.
department Enter a department. (Optional)
official position Enter a job title. (Optional)
E-mail The invitation completion email will be sent to this email address.
(computer) password Please enter at least 8 characters and no more than 30 characters.
Half-width alphanumeric characters (a to z 0 to 9) and special characters are ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; ? [ \ ] ^ _ ` can be used.
Please make sure to enter at least one letter and one number.
It has a random number in the default value, but it can be changed. This password will only be shown in the invitation completion email.
Group Select the group to which the member belongs.
Email Invitation Settings You can set whether and which invitation mails will be sent to the members.

About Member Status

There are three types of member statuses: Enabled, Disabled, and Paused.
  Enabled: Set to enabled for normal use. You can log in and it will be counted in your account count.
  Paused: You can't log in, but it will count towards your account count.
  Disabled: You cannot log in and your account will not be counted.

Batch registration of members (multiple members)

Click the + button on the Manage members screen. Batch operation (CSV) → Click "Add/upload members".

E-learning - bulk registration of members - learningBOX

Step 2: Download the CSV format sample.

E-learning - bulk registration of members - learningBOX

When you open the downloaded file, you will see a CSV template.

elearning - Member Registration

Step 4: Enter the account registration information as before and save the file.
Since this is a practice, I'm only filling in the required fields for account registration.
eLearning - How to register members in bulk

Select the file you have saved and click "Execute upload and proceed to the confirmation screen".

E-learning - Register as a member - learningBOX

If there is a problem with the registration, this error message will be displayed.

Member Registration - eLearning Learning

Work Step 7. Click the + button to confirm the details.

learningBOX-Member registration

If the error message is displayed, modify the CSV data and upload it again. Confirm the registration contents, and if there is no problem, click "Register".

learningBOX-Member registration-E-learning system

If the message "The registration has been completed successfully. is displayed, the registration is successfully completed.

learningBOX - bulk registration - e-learning learning system

Creating a group

Step 1: Click the + button in the upper left corner of the Member Management page, then click "Group Registration".

E-learning - Group registration - learningBOX

Enter the group name and click the Save button.

learningBOX - How to register a group name - eLearning

▼ The group you created will be added here.

learningBOX-Register a group name - eLearning