Enforce IP addresses

Starting from version 2.11 of learningBOX, you can set the IP restriction of the access source. This page explains how to set up IP restrictions in learningBOX. This function can be set for each group.

How to set IP restrictions

Please login to ▼learningBOX and go to Manage Members > IP Restrictions in the side menu.

IP Restrictions - E-Learning System

Click IP Restrictions, and the screen changes to Login IP Restrictions.

eLearning - Setting IP Restrictions

Restrict IP

This function can be set for each group. "When you click the "Add IP Restriction" button, a pop-up window will appear, where you can select the group and enter the IP address.

IP Restrictions - E-Learning Learning

Select the members of the group, enter the IP addresses where they can log in, and click the Add button.

Add learningBOX-IP restriction

IP restriction settings are now available.

Configuring IP restrictions-learningBOX