About the simultaneous login control function

Simultaneous Login Limit Function

Simultaneous login restrictions can be set from "Settings" in the sidebar.
Number of settings that can be logged in at the same time
Operation when the number of simultaneous login is already reached.
You can set this here.

This setting isAdministrators and users with configuration page access rightscan be accessed.

How to set up concurrent login control

Error screen when logging in: When "Prohibit future logins" is selected

If the number of concurrent logins exceeds the limit, the"Could not log in due to concurrent login limit.and I cannot login.

Error screen when logging in: If you select "Give priority to later logins and log out users who have already logged in.

If the number of simultaneous logins exceeds the set number of possible logins, the later logins have priority and can be logged in.
If you've logged in before...You logged out because you logged in somewhere else.will be displayed and you will be logged out.

View a list of logged in accounts

You can view the list of your logged in accounts from "Settings" in the sidebar.
Administrators and users with configuration page access rightsis accessible, and the last access time is updated every 3 minutes without any operation when you are logged in.
If you turn off the power without logging out, you will remain in the login list.
After a certain period of time (about 1 hour) from the last access time, the list will disappear from the display.


After the version change of learningBOX 2.8 series, the simultaneous login control function will be available. The number of concurrent logins can be selected from 1 to 3, and you can also specify what happens when the login criteria is reached. It is also possible to check the list of accounts that are logged in.