Display answers/corrections

Starting with Ver. 2.17, a new feature has been added to content management.
This feature allows users to refer to their previous answers and explanations to the same questions when studying for a quiz/test.

Update History

As of 2022.03.09/Ver. 2.17, a function to display the contents of your answers and corrections was added.


Available forlearningBOX Ver2.17 or higher / QUIZ version 5.14 or higher

01Click on "Manage contents"

Click on "Manage contents"

02Click on "Manage players"

Click on the gear icon at the top of the screen > "Set up where to convert educational materials".

03Set the version of QUIZ

Select "QUIZ-5.14" or higher version and click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

04Enable users to check their scores

Click on "System Settings."
Set "Enable users to check their scores" On in "My Page Settings."

05Click on "Set exam mode"

Select "Manage contents."
Click on the gear icon > "Set exam mode."

06Display "Your score details"

Set "Show details" On and save.

07Edit code

Click on the gear icon > "Change Code".

08Set the code

Any code is available.
After entering the code, click on "Save."
When you have completed entering the code, save it.

Display answers and corrections

01Open Quiz/Test Creation Form

02Select a question

Select a question to display answers and corrections, and click on "Edit quiz."

03Enter code/text

Enter the following code in the Quiz sentence, and click on "Publish."
When you are finished, click "Save and Publish.

[[RESULT sco_code="(Content code)" question_no="(Quiz ID)"]](text link) [[/RESULT]]

※Content code is what you set as "1234" in "Edit Code."
※Enter a Quiz ID.
※Text links are optional.

04Check the page on "Learn contents"

If the code is not displayed correctly, you may have entered it incorrectly.

05Display answers to specific questions

Click "here" to see the contents of your answers and corrections.

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