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Study the assigned material.

You can view the content you have created from the Learn screen.

How to learn the material

1. Login to learningBOX and click on Learn. Click here to view the content you have been assigned.

Online Learning - Learning to Learn

The content will be displayed.

learningBOX - Learning

3. Click Contents.

PDF teaching materials-learningBOX

When you open the PDF file, you will see something like this.

Open PDF material-learningBOX

Other frequently asked questions...

  • Q.The content I created is not displayed.
  • A. It is possible that the content is not assigned. If you just create a question, it will not be displayed to the users you invited. In the content management screen, put the question file into a folder, and then select the group to which the question is assigned from the Edit Folder.

    For more information. Setting distribution of folders to groups .