Registering your favorite materials

Register your favorite teaching materials

Learners can add their favorite learning materials distributed by the administrator. They can also view their favorite learning materials in a list.

How to register as a favorite

1. Login to learningBOX and click on Learn. Click here to view the content you have been assigned.

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Click on the red heart mark at the bottom left of each content.

learningBOX-Favorite teaching materials-1

You can also register your favorites after you open the content. Please click the heart mark in the upper right corner.

learningBOX-Favorite teaching materials -2

When you click on the heart mark, the message "Bookmarked" will appear and the gray mark will change to a red mark.

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How to view a list of your favorite teaching materials

Click [ > ] to learn, and then click your favorite teaching materials.

learningBOX-Favorite teaching materials-4

A list of the materials you have registered as favorites will be displayed.
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How to delete a book you have bookmarked

When you click on the heart mark of the material you have registered as a favorite to study, the message "Removed from Favorites" will appear.

learningBOX-Favorite teaching materials-7

You can also delete your favorite materials from here.

If you delete it, it is also deleted from the list of favorite teaching materials. You can also click on the heart symbol in the list of favorite teaching materials to delete it.

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