Ranking board function

Users can compete for grades within a group and see their own grades relative to the "Choose a Course" screen.
How high do you think you rank now? Who is in first place? The information can be displayed in a ranking format, such as

*At the same timeThe tally board function.Please also check


How to use the ranking board

Only four contents can be set up for ranking boards: quizzes/tests, typing materials, SCORM materials, and iSpring materials.
As an example, we will create a quiz ranking board.
▼ Step 1: Click on "Content Management".

learningBOX-Ranking board


▼ Step 2: Right-click on the quiz you created or click on the gear icon on the far right and click on "Set Ranking Board".

LearningBOX - How to use the ranking board


▼ Step 3: On the "Set Ranking Board" screen, turn "Display Ranking Board" On and set the display name and display period.
Save the settings when complete.
LearningBOX - Use the ranking board!

How the ranking board looks

The ranking board can be viewed from "Select Course".
When a ranking board is set up, the following icon appears in the lower right corner of the content.


The results data of users who have completed the study of ▼ quizzes will be displayed.

learningBOX-Ranking board

▼In the ranking board, if there is more than one user with the same score, they will be ordered as follows: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th, and so on.
⇒The number of participants is updated each time more users join.
learningBOX - How the ranking board looks

Whenever the ▼ performance data is updated, the rankings are also replaced each time.
learningBOX-Ranking board

▼ If you select "All Periods" under "Select Display Period", you can select the tabs "Today/ Weekly/ Month/ All Periods".
e-Learning - Ranking function