Check socres

Check socres

This page explains how to view your results in learningBOX.
Log in with the owner account or a user with Score management role.
You can check the member's results from "View Results" in the sidebar or "Manage Results" in the red frame of My Page.

LearningBOX performance management


Explanation of the Grades screen

Member performance information can be viewed in five categories.

How to see the learningBOX performance management


If you check [Show All], [Show Highest Score Only], [Show Unlearned Only], or [Show Grading Wait Report Only], you can narrow down the results of the members.

LearningBOX performance management

Show all You will see the contents of Learning in progress, Learning completed, Passed and Failed.
Only the highest point is displayed. The highest score for the content you have studied will be displayed.
Show only unlearned Only unlearned users are shown, so you can identify users who have not learned.
Show only reports waiting to be scored It is convenient when grading because it is displayed only when the report is waiting to be graded.


Example of grade data display

To view the contents of the grade data, click the Details button.

LearningBOX - See the results


The following information will be displayed: [Pass/Fail], [Achievement Rate/Score], [Answer Date/Time], and [Time Required].

Grade management-elearning