tally board function

The user's answers can be displayed in a pie chart or bar graph.
Based on the percentage of correct answers, the administrator can objectively check the difficulty level of questions and areas of weakness/strength as a trend for the learners as a whole, and for the learners as a trend for themselves.
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learningBOX-tabulation board

How to use Score board

Score board is available forQuiz/exam, SCORM and Questionnaire.only.
As an example, we will create a quiz tally board.

Step 1: Click on "Content Management.

learningBOX-tabulation board


Step 2: Right-click on the quiz you created or click on the gear icon on the far right and click on "Set Tally Board.

learningBOX-tabulation board


Step 3: On the "Set up tally board" screen, turn "Show tally board" On and set the display period.
Save the settings.
If "Can view after answering" is set to On, only users who have completed their quiz study will be able to view the tally board.
Note that users with grade management privileges can view the results regardless of their settings.

learningBOX-tabulation board


How a Score board looks

The tally board can be viewed from "Select Course".
Once the aggregate board function is set up, the following icon will appear in the lower right corner of the content.

LearningBOX - How the tally board looks


The data of the user's performance for each completed quiz study will be displayed. (pie chart/bar graph)

learningBOX-tabulation board


The bar graph is displayed as shown in the figure below.

learningBOX-tabulation board


The performance data on the tally board is updated with information each time the number of user responses increases.

learningBOX-Tabulation board function