About the tally board function

With the upgrade of learningBOX to Ver2.12, we have added a new tabulation board function. With this function, you can display the member's answers in a pie chart or bar chart. Based on the percentage of correct answers, the administrator can check the difficulty level of the questions and the areas of weakness and strength, and the learner can objectively check the overall trend of the learners and their own trend.
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learningBOX-tabulation board

How to use the tally board function

The contents that can set up the tally board are"Quizzes, SCORM, surveys."You can set only three contents in the
Since this is a practice, I'll use the quiz as an example to show you how to use it.

Step 1: Log in to the learningBOX and click on Manage contents.

learningBOX-tabulation board


Step 2: Click the gear button next to the quiz you created, and then click Set tally board.

learningBOX-tabulation board


Select [On] to display the tally board from the setting screen, and select the display period.
When you are done, click the Save button to complete the settings. If you set [On], learners can view the tally board only after they have answered the question. Members who have grade management privileges can view the tally board even if they have not responded, regardless of the setting.

learningBOX-tabulation board


How the tally board looks

You can check the tally board from "Learning". When the tally board feature is set up, an icon like this will appear in the bottom right corner of the content.

LearningBOX - How the tally board looks


The performance data of the members who studied the contents will be displayed. (Pie chart/bar graph)

learningBOX-tabulation board


The bar graph is displayed as shown in the figure below.

learningBOX-tabulation board


The performance data collected by the tally board will be updated as more members respond to the information.

learningBOX-Tabulation board function