Ability to change page immediately after login

From ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, you can freely change the access page right after login.
This page introduces the newly added feature of changing the page immediately after login.

How to use the page change function immediately after login

Log in as the learningBOX owner account or a user with configuration page access rights.
Click the arrow next to [Settings] on the side menu bar.

learningBOX - ability to change page immediately after login


Click Page Setup immediately after login.

Configuration of the page immediately after login-learningBOX


Specify the page destination from the Page Setup screen immediately after login.

learningBOX-Page setup immediately after login


You can choose from three pages to be displayed immediately after logging in: [My Page, Learning, and Personal Chart].
The welcome page setting is displayed when the toggle switch is slid to enable it.

learningBOX-text color


Clicking on the preview screen will bring up the welcome page.

LearningBOX - About the page settings immediately after login


The welcome page you have just set up will appear as shown below.

learningBOX-Welcome page


When you are done with the settings, click the Save button at the end.

Setting up the page immediately after login in learningBOX


When you log in as another user, the page will move to [Learn].

Login with sample-demo-1.



Click [Next].


The page will move to [Learn].

learningBOX - Learning