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Page setup immediately after login

You can freely change the access page immediately after login.

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From 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16, the function to check the compatible devices has been added.How to Use

Ability to change page immediately after login

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher


Log in as the [Owner Account] of the learningBOX or a user with [Setting Page Access Authority].
Next, click [Configure the page immediately after login].

02Specify the page to be displayed immediately after login

You can choose from three pages to be displayed immediately after logging in: [My Page, Learning, and Personal Chart].

03Edit the content

The welcome page setting is displayed when the toggle switch is slid to enable it.

04Click the Preview button

Click on the preview screen to view the preview.

05The welcome page you set up will be displayed.

06Click the Save button

About the page transition after login [Learners

01Login with sample-demo-1

02Click [Next].

03The page will move to [Learn].

Supported Device Confirmation Function

learningBOX - Confirmation of compatible terminals before taking examinations

You can set and check the OS, browser, and version of the device you are using to take the test online (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher


From the pull-down menu of [Side Menu] > [System Settings], click [Page Setup Immediately After Login].

02Click Login enabled device settings

03Set the login enabled devices

warning sign

Notes on configuring login-enabled devices

Note 1: The learningBOXRecommended SetupsIt is not possible to save from an OS that is not
Note 2: If there is no login availability setting in the list of supported devices, the message "This OS is not supported. will be displayed on the screen.
Note 3]: The owner's login is not subject to the compatible device check.
Note 4]: When specifying the latest version of macOS, please specify 10.15 for system reasons. (*You cannot enter a number greater than 10.15.)

04Select "Don't let me log in" or "Show warning and let me log in" for the configured device.

If you select "Do not let users log in," you can specify the transition page from multiple options.

05Set the toggle switch to enable.

Download speed test and media check

You can test your Internet connection [speed measurement and voice playback].
This feature can be set only for teaching materials.

01Configure the settings from the content management screen

Create teaching materials.
Click the gear button>>Supported device settings.

02Click Select Template

Select [Both required] or [Download speed only required] from the template.
When you are done, click the Save button.

warning sign

How to set and edit the template

Click [New] to go to the Create New Template page.
When you click [Edit], the page will move to the edit screen of the selected template.
Only [Owner] and [User with setting page access privileges] can create and edit.

03Download Speed Test

Click Start Measuring.
If you click [Cancel], you will be forced to quit.
The speed test will be conducted on the "Study Material" screen.

04We're going to run a voice test.

Click the Play button.
Click [I can't hear you] or [I can hear you].

Supported Device Configuration Template Management

Detailed settings for [Download Speed Test] and [Media Check] are available here.

The above settings can be created and edited only by [Owner] and [Users with setting page access privileges].

01Click Learning Preferences>>Supported Device Configuration Template Management

Click the Gear button.

02Select [Download Speed Check] or [Media Check].

Enter the description and setting values.

03Set [Don't learn] or [Learn].

Finally, click [Save].
The media check is set in the same way.

How to check the result of compatible device check

01[Learn] >> Click the green icon

02Device information will be displayed.

This field is blank if you have not set the device confirmation when logging in.

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