essay scoring system

This is a function that notifies you of report grading requests by email and allows you to import the grading results in Excel.

update history

From 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16 or later, the function of grading essays has been added.How to Use

How to create report grades in Excel and how to import them in Excel

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

01Open the Grades screen

Click Grade Management > Reports.

02Refine your report

Enter or select the required criteria to narrow down your search.

03Create or import Excel

Click "Create Excel" if you want to create the report in Excel, or click "Import Excel" if you want to import the report in Excel.

04Upload the file

If you click "Import Excel", select the file you want to import and click "Upload" to complete.

05The acquisition history can be displayed

When "Import History" is selected in the display mode, data according to the narrowed down conditions will be displayed in descending order.

06You can change the display order

It is possible to change the display in ascending order with the sort function.

Email notification function when a report is requested to be graded

01Open the list of grades

Go to "Grade List" > "Email Notification" and click "Email Notification".

02Set the date

Set the "Delivery Start Date" and "Delivery End Date".

03Set the required items and time

Select the item you want to register as a notification from "Daily", "Day of the week", and "Date", and the start time of delivery, and click "Save" to complete.

04You can check your grade management notification history

Click on "Email Notifications" to view your grade management notification history.

05Click the icon according to the use

Click on the magnifying glass icon (1) in the figure to check the refinement criteria.
By clicking on the gear icon ➁ in the figure, you can re-edit the Report Grading Request Notification Registration.
It is possible to delete the notification history by clicking the trash can icon (3) in the figure.

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