Setting interlocking content

New features have been added to content management.
You can set a grade condition for a specific material, and display a new different material only to members who meet that condition.
This makes it possible to set up a system where students who fail a test are given a make-up test.
Here, we introduce the linked content setting function.

Update History

Interlocking contents setting has been added since 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16.How to Use

How to set up an administrator

Available forlearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

01The setting is done from 【Contents Management】.

In this case, as an exercise, we'll set up the process as follows: Have students who fail the test watch a video for review and take a retest.
Click the gear button and select Linked Content Settings.
Linked content settings can be configured for courses, folders and all teaching materials.

02Select the content you want to link

A modal will be displayed.
You cannot select a course or folder.

03Set the publishing conditions

Learning Status]: Set the status as a condition.
If you want to add a limit to the number of times you can take a class, set this to On.
When you have finished setting the conditions, click [Save] to exit.
To delete a condition that has been set once, click [Delete].

warning sign

Points to note about linked content

If the quiz material that is waiting to be graded is set to □Study/answer completed/waiting to be graded only, it will be published immediately after the content is solved, but if the administrator grades it, the condition will no longer match and it will become private again.

04You will be retested after watching the video

Similar to the previous setting, click the gear button next to [Retest] and select Linked Content Settings.
Study Status]: Set to Study/Answer Complete/Standby for Grading.

05The relationship between linked contents is displayed.

You can check the contents and publication conditions of the linked source.
When you hover the cursor over the icon, "Contents name of the link source - Publication conditions" will be displayed.

06Click to go to the linked content and highlight it

Display on the learner screen

01Only tests will be displayed.

When you open the screen to learn, at first only the test will be displayed.

02Video content will be displayed

If you take the test and fail, a review video will be displayed.

03A retest will be displayed

After watching the review video and completing the study, a new retest will be displayed.

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