function whose graph has symmetry about the number of choices

The option numbering feature allows learners to see "which option" they have chosen after they have solved the quiz.

update history

The option number function has been added since 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16 or later.How to Use

How to set up an administrator

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16, QUIZ-Ver-5.13.3 or higher

01Open Content Management

Select the gear button >> [Set the destination for the conversion of teaching materials].

02Specify QUIZ-Ver-5.13.3 or higher from Conversion Version Control

For more information about conversion version control, please refer to this 【Update your content to the latest playerYou can read more about it at

03Click the Save button

How to use choice numbers

01Open the quiz/test creation form

For more information on how to use the question form, please refer to this 【Create a quizPlease see [】.

02Click "Edit".

03Select the question format

warning sign

Notes on choice numbers [corresponding question format].

Multi-choice (radio buttons)
Selective questions (button type)
image selection problem
Pull-down menu

04Create a quiz

This time, since it is a practice, I will introduce it with an example of [choice questions].

05Enter a choice number

You can set a choice number below the answer input box.

warning sign

Notes on choice numbers

Note 1: If the option number is blank, the numbers will be automatically entered in order from 1 when saving.
[Note 2]: You cannot use duplicate choice numbers.
Number of characters that can be entered: 30 characters (alphanumeric)

View in the Grades screen

01Solve the quiz you created.

After you have solved the quiz, go to Grade Management>>Question>>Sample and click "Create CSV".

02Download CSV according to the scene of use

03Select Create Answer Details CSV

The choice number will be listed

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