This function is recommended for cases where users need to register by themselves (e.g. e-learning for B to C users, online examinations, etc.).

Available forShared server/customized or dedicated server

Manage user information settings

This allows you to set up forms for user registration.
*For more information, see Self-registration.

Authentication code setting (for each registered URL)

A separate authentication code can be set for each URL.

01Open "Manage users"

Click on "Manage users" on the Dashboard or in the side menu.

02Clock on "Manage users"

Go to "Input field settings."
On the "Manage user information settings," select the "Registration Screen URL" tab.

03Setting Buttons

Click on a button in the "Edit."
A "Publish URL" button will be displayed for a new URL.
If the URL has already been published, the "Edit/pause" button will be displayed.

04Authentication Code Settings

Turn the "Authentication Code" toggle "On" and set a code.
Click "Publish."
(If the group has already published a URL, the "Edit/pause" window will open. Click "Save" to finish the settings.)
※Authentication codes can be set up to 10 for each URL.

Download Registration Screen URL

A list of registered groups and issued URLs can be downloaded in CSV format.
*For more information, seeDownload the registration screen URL..


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