API linkage item added

By linking learningBOX user information as an API item, SCORM material can be learned without the need to sign-in.

Available forVer. 2.19 or higher, shared server/customized or dedicated server, API linkage



01Setting Screen

Click on "System Settings" > "Settings" in the side menu.

02About setting items

The "SCORM 1.2/ Select LMS items" has been added.
Set the following two items related to a user.
Click on "Save."

・User ID: cmi.core.student_id
 Select from a sign-in ID or an e-mail address.

・User name: cmi.core.student_name
 Select from user name, display name, or sign-in ID.

*In the default settings, "cmi.core.student_id" will be a sign-in ID and "cmi.core.student_name" will be a user name.


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