About the badge setting function

You can check your learners' progress at a glance. With the badge display, you can set up badges for each type of material (PDFs, quizzes, memorization cards...etc.) or by folder.
Please note that the requirements for earning a badge are different for each course.

badge granting

Badge Function

How to set up a badge

You can set up badges for each material (PDFs, quizzes, memorization cards...etc.) or by folder. You can set up the badge feature in theIn the content management screen.We will use a quiz as an example to set up the badge feature.

STEP 1) Press the edit button for the material you want to set the badge for.

STEP2 From the setting screen"Set the badge.and then go to Choose [Yes] for [Enable/Disable] to show the badge and save it. This completes the setup.
learningBOX - badge function

How to set up a badge for a folderis the same as before.Content management screenLog in to learningBOX and select the content management screen. Click the edit button for the material you want to add a badge to and configure the badge function.
E-learning badge feature

Badge Management

Only users with grade manager privileges can view and delete their badges. You can see who has earned which badges and a list of all the badges they have earned.

Login to learningBOX and click on "View Results" on the side menu bar.

You can check the information about the badge acquisition from the badge list.

Click here for a list of badge requirements.

Content Name Conditions for obtaining a badge
quiz passing (e.g. exam)
PDF Study Complete
memory card Study Complete
YouTube Video Study Complete
certificate passing (e.g. exam)
report passing (e.g. exam)
video Study Complete
SCORM Materials Passing/Study Complete
survey Answer is complete.
attachment (e.g. to a file) Study Complete
Typing Materials passing (e.g. exam)
iSpring Passing/Study Complete
Web page Study Complete
worm-eating problem Study Complete
iframe Study Complete
programming passing (e.g. exam)

Badge Acquisition Conditions / Folders

The folder is set up to have a grade of either (complete/pass) for all material.
If there are any child hierarchies in the folder, all the teaching materials contained therein will also be judged. However, if there are no child hierarchies assigned to the user who is learning, they will not be judged.
A badge is granted per user for a given folder, and only once per folder/user.