Expansion of badge functions

This feature allows you to change the default badge image, reorder the list of badges you've created, and manage your badges into categories. For more informationBadge Function.

update history

Expansion of the badge function was added from 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16.How to Use

Badge Management

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

How to change the default badge image

01Open the badge management screen

From the side menu, click Grading & Analysis > Granted Badge Analysis.

02Set if you want to change the default badge image

Switch the tab to "More Settings" and set "Change default badge image" to On.

03Set the badge image

Badge images can be set for each progress rate.

The badge displayed in the case of default settings.

New feature usage page

04Complete the configuration

Click "Save" and you're done.

05You can reset the badge image to the default setting

If you want to return to the default badge image, click "Bulk Delete".

How to sort the badges

01Open the badge screen

In the Manage Badges screen, switch the tab to Badges, and click Sort Badges.

02Sort the badges.

When the "Reorder Badges" screen appears, click and hold the badge and move it to the place you want to reorder.
When you are done sorting, click "Save" to complete.

How to set a badge as a content category

01Edit the badge settings

In the Manage Badges screen, switch the tab to Badges and click the gear icon.

02Set the content category

When the "Update badge" screen appears, ✓ the items you want to categorize in the "Content category settings".
Click "Update" to complete the process.

To set up a content category for a badge, you need to add (create) a category from the submenu by clicking 'Content Management' > 'Content Category Management' > 'Add Category'.
You can set multiple categories for one badge.

How to check the content categories you have set

01Open the badge list

From the side menu, click View Results > Badge List.

02Categorized badges will be displayed

You will see a badge with your content category set.
The parent category shows the total number of badges in the category and how many of them you have earned.

03You can navigate to the content

Click on a badge to see the content for which the badge has been set.

If you set up only one badge for one material.
Clicking the badge will take you to the learning screen for the set teaching material.

If you have set up badges for multiple materials.
Clicking on a badge displays several set teaching materials in a small screen, and moves to the learning screen of the selected teaching material.
You can also check the location of the materials by clicking on the "..." button at the bottom right of the materials.

How to set up a badge

01Open the content management screen

Click on Content Management > Gear Icon > Set Badges.

02Configure the badge settings

Set the "Display Settings" and "Badge Settings", and click "Save" to complete.
When you select a badge, you can't set the content category. If you want to set the content category, please do it from "Manage badges".

03You can also create a new badge from the badge settings

You can create a new badge by clicking on "Create a new badge" from the Badge Settings section.

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