Badge List Display Function

With the Badge List feature, administrators can freely set the badge image.
A set badge will be displayed according to the member's learning status.
This page will show you how to use the badge list feature.
Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher

Badge Function

How to use the Badge List Display function [Badge Settings].

Login to the learningBOX.
From the Learning Preferences [pull-down], click Manage Badges.

Badge Management


Click the plus button.

Badge Management - eLearning


Enter the [Badge Code] and [Badge Name].

E-learning system-learningBOX


Select "Use original image" and set the image.

Badge Management - E-Learning System

▼ [X=0%,0%

(①X=0% → Badge displayed in case of unlearning.
0%<X<100% → Badge displayed when learning is in progress.
③X=100% → Badge displayed when learning is completed or passed.


Click the Add button.

Badge management settings-learningBOX


How to Use the Badge List Display Function [Contents Settings].

Log in to learningBOX and select a course.

Content management - Badge management - learningBOX


From Content Management, click the gear button, and then click [Set badge].

How to set up batch management-learningBOX


Set the badge from the pull-down and finally click the Save button.

learningBOX-Content management-Badge management settings


How to use the Badge List Display function [Show Badges].

Course FunctionsIf you set up a badge in the following way, the badge will be displayed as follows.

Course Features - Badge Management


If you set it in a folder, it will be displayed as follows.

Folder - Badge Management Settings


The badges you set for your materials will be displayed as shown below.

Badge Management Settings - Folders


How to use the badge list display function [How to check the badge list].

Click on the badge list from the View Grades [pull-down].

View Grades - Badge List


By clicking on the badge list, you can easily check the status of the member's acquisition.

View Grades - View Badge List