Edit Each Content

The following explain editing menu for each content.
The content displayed here varies depending on the type of content and course/folder.

Edit content

The main menu is as follows

・Create Content
・Upload Content
・Download Content
・Re-upload Content
・Edit Content

Advanced video settings

*For more information, see  Continuous automatic video playback.

Access period

You can set an access period.
The choices available vary depending on the type of content.
The main menu is as follows

・Internal: The information will be made available only within your learningBOX environment.
・Open quiz: Shown in Public section of the learningBOX, and available to users other than those in the environment as well.
・Private: The content will be hidden in the learning environment.

Limit attempts

*For more information, see  Limit attempts.

Manage notifications

Email notifications can be sent when a user passes a target content or reaches the course limit.
Both an admin and learners can receive it individually.
Turn the toggle On to use email notification, then tick when you want to be notified.

warning sign



-  Email Settingsallows you to make the same settings. Refer to the Email notifications on the side menu.
 Please make sure that the settings described here will take precedence over the settings for each content.

Score amendment

You can set whether or not users are allowed to amend scores after they have completed their answers to the quiz/test.
*For more information, see  Score amendment.

Test mode settings

You can set whether or not users can see the details of test result.
*For more information, see  Set exam mode.

Rename content

You can rename content.

Edit code

*For more information, see  Set Content Code.

Set description

*For more information, see  Description.

Keyword settings

*For more information, see  Search Keyword.

Set images

*For more information, see  Thumbnail Image.

Access period

*For more information, see Access period.

Show deadlines

Submission deadlines can be shown on the user's screen.
*Available to set for each group
 Click "+" button for additional settings.

 Interlocking content

*For more information, see "Interlocking content,".

Manage generator version

For existing content, you can convert it to the version set on "Manage generator version."
*For more information, see  Update generator.

Manage IP restrictions

*For more information, see  Manage IP restrictions.

Content assignment

*For more information, see  Content assignment.

Create shortcut

You can create shortcuts.
*For more information, see Shortcuts.".


Content can be duplicated.
Duplicated content is separate from the source content.
It can be edited independently, and scores are recorded as separate content.

Duplicate shortcut content

When duplicating a course or folder, the content are not duplicated but created as shortcuts.
*For more informaiton, see Duplicate or Shortcut.

Set badges

You can set badges.
Right-click on the content in question or click on the gear icon and select "Set Badge".

Display Settings

Sets whether or not the badge is shown on the user's screen.
Tick the box of "Show badge on user's screen" if necessary.

Manage Badges

Select whether or not to set badges and the details.
You can also create a new badge.

▼ No Badges

If you do not wish to set up a badge, please select "Redirect to the course."

▼Create a new badge

You can create a new badge.
*For more information, see Add a badge.

▼Use existing badges

Select this option when you set up a the badge you have created.
Select one from the list.

Content Category Settings for Badges

The content category for the badge will be shown.
*For information, see&nbspContent category settings.

Set Ranking board

*For more information, see  Ranking board.

Set Score board

*For more information, see  Score Board.

Device testing management

Before you start learning content, you can test your device.
*For more information, see Functional Test Settings.


You can delete content, etc.

Check socres

If you have a score management role for the target content, you can access to the score list.
*For more information, see  Scores.


Move the cursor over the content to see the details including system version, registration date, capacity, and more.


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