Edit menu for each content

The following is an explanation of the editing menu for each content.
The content displayed here varies depending on the type of content and course/folder.

Editing the content itself

The menu for editing the content itself depends on the type of content.
The main menu is as follows

Content Creation
Uploading Content
Download Content
Re-upload content
Editing Content


*For more information, see「動画の時間表示機能」.

publication limitation

You can set the scope of publication of content, etc.
The choices available here vary depending on the type of content.
The main menu is as follows

Internal: The information will be made available only within your LearningBOX environment.
General Public: Shown in the General Public section of the learningBOX, and available to users other than those in the environment.
Private: The information is hidden from view in the study screen.

Course Restrictions

*For more information, seeAttendance Restrictions.".

Course Notification Settings

The administrator can be notified by e-mail when a user passes a target content or reaches the course limit.
First, turn the toggle On to use email notification, then tick when you want to be notified (you can select multiple options).

Score Amendment

You can set whether or not users are allowed to revise their scores after they have completed their answers to the quiz/test.
*For more information, seeScore Correction Setup.

Test mode setting

You can set whether or not users can see the details of test pass/fail decisions, scores, and content.
*For more information, see"Test mode settingPlease refer to the column


You can change the name of the content, etc.

View and change codes

*For more information, see Set Content Code.

Set Description

*For more information, seeDescription.".

Set search keywords

*For more information, seeSearch Keyword.".

Set image

*For more information, seeThumbnail Image.

Set the publication period

*For more information, seeOpen period.".

Response and submission deadline indication

Response/submission deadlines can be displayed on the content study screen.
*Can be set for each group.
 To add a setting, click the "+" icon to add it.

Linked Content Settings

*For more information, seeLinked Content Setup Function".

Update Generator

For existing content, you can convert it to the version of the system set in "Generator Version Management".
*For more information, see Update generator.

IP address restriction

*For more information, seeIP Restrictions Management.

Set content allocation

*For more information, seeContent Allocation.

Create shortcut

You can create shortcuts to content, etc.
*For more information, seeShortcut function.".


Content can be duplicated.
The copied content is separate from the original content.
The content can be edited independently of the duplicate source, and grades are stored as separate content.

Duplicate (shortcut for teaching materials)

When duplicating a course or folder, the contents are not duplicated but created as a shortcut.
※You can create a template fromReproduction,.shortcutPlease refer to the respective sections for more information on

Giving badges

Badges can be set for content, etc.

Display Settings


badge setting





*For more information on how to operate the system, please contact us.「バッジの追加」.




*For information on how to set up「コンテンツカテゴリー設定」.

Set up a ranking board

*For more information, seeRanking Board.

Set up a tally board

*For more information, see Ranking Board.

Operation Test Settings

Before you start learning content, you can check the operation of the device you will be using.
*For more information, seeOperational Test Setup.".


You can delete content, etc.

Check socres

If you have grade management privileges for the target content, you can go to the grade list screen for the target content.
*For more information, seeList of Results.".


Move the cursor over the content to see detailed information about the content, including system version, registration date and time, and capacity.


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