The Role of "gear icon" in Manage contents

This page explains the menu set using the gear icon in the Manage content.

Conversion to specified version

System versions can be converted in batches for each content type

*For more information, refer toConvert to Specified Version.".

Manage Generator Version

RequirementContent Management Editing Authority + Settings Page Access Authority

Each type of content can have its own version of the system.
Please tick the version you prefer.
After completing the settings, click "Save".

Basic Video Settings

You can set the double speed and quality settings for videos, as well as settings related to the display format of videos and slides.

*For more information, refer to Video Basic Settings.

Access Period, Answers/Submission Deadline Indicator

When a user sets the "Response/Submission Due Date Display" for content, you can set whether or not to allow viewing of the "Response/Submission Due Date Display" set for groups that are not subject to content assignment privileges.

*For more information, refer toPublication Period/Response and Submission Deadlines Detailed Settings.


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