Here is an explanation of the video.

Upload Video

Available for

Users who have been granted content management privileges
Uploadable file formats: mp4, avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, mkv, wmv, webm

01Go to the "Manage contents"

Click on "Manage contents" on the Dashboard or in the side menu.

02Course Selection

As an example, we will upload video content to the "video settings" course on the Content Management screen.

03Open the Upload Video screen.

Click on the "+" icon > "Teaching Materials" > "Videos.

04Video File Selection

From "File Selection," select the video file to be uploaded.
Once the video has been uploaded, save it.

Prohibition of skip playback

*The video upload screen can be set to prohibit clear conditions/skip playback.
Here we explain the prohibition of skip playback.


On the "Upload Video" screen, tick the "Do not skip playback" box and save the video.
*For more information on how to set clear conditions, please contact us.Heading/Clear Condition Setup.".

02Display Icons

The Skip Playback Prohibit icon appears.


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